Flourishing enterprise essay

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End With a Flourish: How to compose a powerful final sentence

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Flourishing Enterprise

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A Flourishing Enterprise: An Inside and Outside View of Success To flourish, practice excellence.


Tom DeCotiis, Ph.D. & Jennifer Yugo, Ph.D. “I used to go there,” “I used to drive one,” or. Idleness is another mode of flourishing, against which the lure of striving and success should seem, at best, a lifestyle choice.

The quotation is from the sprawling essay “Of Experience,” with which the Essays a distillation of self-doubt in which Montaigne indicts his enterprise: “The soul that has no fixed goal loses itself. The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit and Flourishing Business Canvas are a new set of tools and methods created to support these leaders in their efforts to design flourishing enterprises; businesses and organizations that are socially beneficial.

About Us The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is one of the initiatives of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG), a community of innovation practice and an action research knowledge mobilization initiative of the Strategic Innovation Lab at Toronto’s OCAD University, Canada’s largest design school.

Creating flourishing enterprise Another view Establishing a thriving business may be hard enough but consider how much more challenging it may be to create an “ethical” business, one which seeks not only to be viable but also to create wider social and even environmental impact.

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Flourishing enterprise essay
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