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In he volunteered for every in the Franco-Prussian war and from to he was Empty Medical Officer for Wollstein. The new idea was announced by Koch in and the introduction value of this also was disappointing; but it led, nevertheless, to the particular of substances of diagnostic value. Later the anthrax bacillus had been scrubbed by Pollender, Rayer and Davaine, and Koch set himself to see scientifically that this bacillus is, in conveying, the cause of the source.

In he received, after a period as Possible in the General Hospital at Least, in general practice, first at Langenhagen and thereafter after, inat Rackwitz, in the River of Posen.

Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur

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Robert Koch

Robert Koch was born on December 11,in Clausthal, a silver-mining town in northwest Germany. The son of a mining engineer and the third of thirteen siblings, he was a precocious reader with an aptitude for science and math. Robert Koch, a renowned scientist who saved thousands of lives, had discovered the tuberculin skin test that facilitated the detection of infection of TB.

The procedure of the test simply inserts a protein that is sensitive to TB and if one is inflicted with TB, the site will swell and become red in hours (70).

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Koch worked on anthrax and tuberculosis (TB) and developed work of Louis Pasteur. Koch first investigated Anthrax (that affected herds of farm animals and farmers.) In Davaine had proved that a healthy animal that did not have anthrax could get the disease if it was injected with blood containing Anthrax.

Koch developed this [ ]. Robert Koch himself was a very intelligent person and he was the only one of the three that went to a national university and studied to be a doctor, which meant that before this he had a more extensive knowledge of this topic along with studying other doctors that went before him.

Robert Koch

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