Write action runas

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Allow empty checksums to be used for downloaded resource from non-secure locations. User Account Control (UAC) is a technology and security infrastructure introduced with Microsoft's Windows Vista and Windows Server operating systems, with a more relaxed version also present in Windows 7, Windows Server R2, Windows 8, Windows Server and Windows It aims to improve the security of Microsoft Windows by limiting application software to standard user privileges.

RunAs. Optional attribute. Refers to a SecureReference type ID. All instances of this module type definition will run under the credentials set for the SecureReference ID.

When not specified, the module will run under the default action account. Write action module type definitions specify a single input data type and, optionally, a single.

While RunWait is in a waiting state, new threads can be launched via hotkey, custom menu item, or timer. Run as Administrator [AHK_L 57+]. For an executable file, the *RunAs verb is equivalent to selecting Run as administrator from the right-click menu of the file.

For example, the following code attempts to restart the current script as admin. Start-Process. Start one or more processes, optionally as a specific user. Syntax Start-Process [-FilePath] string [[-ArgumentList] string[]] [-Credential.

cfn-hup Description.

How to Create a Batch File that will Automatically Run as Administrator

The cfn-hup helper is a daemon that detects changes in resource metadata and runs user-specified actions when a change is detected.

Write action runas
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