Zigbee based trolley cart access system

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Introduction to the ZigBee Wireless Sensor and Control Network

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So use of this IOT based intelligent trolley for shopping malls is helpful for customer as “Smart Shopping cart For Automated Billing using Wireless sensor N/W”, International Institute Of AniketWani,”RFID Based Intelligent Trolley system using ZIGBEE”, International Journal of Engineering & computer science, volume No Issue.

(database) via ZIGBEE which is a short-range wireless Arduino system based „smart trolley‟ which is totally automatic. It follows the server/system connected to access product database. When the customer enters the shopping mall, he/she will receive a.

Article Description Penetration testers have been focusing on wireless technologies for over a decade now, and one protocol that can arguably be placed at the top of the list is the protocol that ZigBee wireless rides on. This system would be mounted on the trolley so that the bill can be easily generated based on the products placed on the shopping cart, using an Internet of Things (IoT) framework.

Design of a novel shopping cart equipped with NFC. RFID based Smart Multitasking Shopping Trolley System published in International Journal for Scientific Research and Development in [2] In this paper, Authors makes use of Alf and Vegard's RISC microcontroller linked with LCD display and RF module.

Zigbee based trolley cart access system
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